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Center - "Contour Process" Cassette

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Image of Center - "Contour Process" Cassette

Released as Regional Bears #036

"Absolutely brilliant new four track tape from Center, the luminous trio of drone-adventurists David Shapiro, Ian McColm and Stefan Christensen. All familiar names to anyone close to the shop for the various projects almost too abundant to list here, and it's a thrill to hear them evolve the Center collaboration on Contour Process. It seems we've talked endlessly about Christensen's guitar playing, which is striking on its own, but pulled into the orbit of Shapiro and McColm it shifts into a slightly different realm, less fraught and aggressive somehow. The two big takeaways from this collection are tracks two and four, long-form, feedback-driven drone excursions that pulse with a rare emotion. Duchess, in particular, is a true highlight and my favourite thing i've heard from the trio, a slow-moving transcendent beast that's heavy in the best kind of way. One of those songs you can sit inside for days, i've had this one on loop for a while now, IMO the way music like this is intended to be experienced" - World of Echo

Folded Insert. Black Norelco Shells. Black Cassettes.