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Little Flower Two-Knob Fuzz


Image of Little Flower Two-Knob Fuzz

Much like our Little Flower One-Knob Fuzz, this pedal is based on the legendary Colorsound One-Knob Fuzz with some tweaks and updates. The primary differences are a more mid-focused input capacitor (borrowed from the D*A*M Meathead design) and a 2N5088/2N2219 silicon transistor pair, which gives the pedal an aggressive, focused, and wooly sound.

The left knob controls the volume of the effect: there is a LOT of volume on tap so tread carefully.

The knob on the right is our "BFG" knob which stands for "Bias/Fuzz/Gate."
As you turn the knob clockwise, you will hear the pedal stutter to life. As you sweep further, the signal will become smoother and less gated. When maxed, this knob is the stock gain setting for the Little Flower One-Knob Fuzz. Try this knob with different pickups and different guitars and you will get a wide array of fuzz sounds from starved stutter to light drive to smooth, heavy fuzz.

H/T Electronics · H/T Electronics Little Flower Two-Knob Fuzz Sound Samples

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