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Little Flower One-Knob Fuzz


Image of Little Flower One-Knob Fuzz
  • Image of Little Flower One-Knob Fuzz

This pedal is based on the legendary Colorsound One-Knob Fuzz with some tweaks and updates. The primary differences are a more mid-focused input capacitor (borrowed from the D*A*M Meathead design) and a 2N5088/2N2219 silicon transistor pair, which gives the pedal an aggressive, focused, and wooly sound.

The single knob controls the volume of the effect: there is a LOT of volume on tap so tread carefully.

This pedal is available in a regular 1590B enclosure as well as the 1590A mini enclosure (pictured).

A note regarding the Little Flower Mini Fuzz: again, due to space concerns, power filtering caps are not included in the circuit. This pedal is on the high-gain side so you may pick-up very occasional, mild interference (most commonly with your guitar’s volume entirely rolled off and caused by close-proximity cell phones). That said, for a pedal with this much gain and volume, I find the noise floor to be relatively low and non-invasive.

The regular size Little Flower includes a power filtering section to reduce noise in lieu of including a battery.

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